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Unforgettable walking tours through Mexico City

Free Walking Tour Mexico City in the historical center

Join this walking tour of historic center Mexico City that will take you on an exploration of this fantastic old capital of the Aztec empire from its origins until modern day times. During the tour you will see, among the remains dating back to Aztecs time, Visit its neighborhoods flooded with art nouveau and art deco, enjoy its cuisine and as well as the streets of the city with most of the world’s museums.

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Walking Tour Mexico City’s impressive murals

Discover the jewels from floor to ceiling that live in the heart of the CDMX, travel the circuit full of buildings that preserve treasures on their walls that are the testimony of an era and are part of the cultural legacy of the city.

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Walking Tour Mexico City

What to do in mexico city? What things to do in Mexico
City? Our walking tours will take you around the best sights that downtown
mexico city has to offer.

The  Walking Tours Mexico City in the historic center  are designed especially for individual travelers and small groups of friends. In the best interest of our visitors we aim to keep our groups relatively small for organized groups we have a special,private offer, contact Us

Palacio de los azulejos
Mural Epopeya al pueblo mexicano por Diego Rivera
Zócalo Ciudad de México

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Right entrance to the Metropolitan Cathedral-Entrada derecha de la Catedral Metropolitana


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